Stock images

CappadociaCAPPADOCIA - A Fantasy Landscape

In the center of Turkey, on The Anatolian Plateau, you will find this incredible landscape. First came the forces of nature, followed by endless time and erosion, then man and his strange mind turned up and litteraly "digged in".

This project is still in process, but you can see a few images here.

NEW YORK - Nuts in Times Square

I went nuts in Times Square with my camera and fell in love with
the place end the funny people and odd situations you may encounter there. Meet the Naked Cowboy, The Tattoo Man or Jane Seymour ready for just one more TV show.

You can see a selection of 15 images from the project here.

ISTANBUL - The City of Many Names

This group of images is from a fantastic trip in October 2009. I attended a workshop with Peter Turnley, the reknown American photographer. This workshop was to be the beginning of our friendship and cooperation in arranging workshops for Danish photographers.

Join me here in Istanbul

KordaCHE GUEVARA - The Image by Korda

The Cuban photographer Alberto "Korda" Gutierrez shot the most famous picture of Che Guevara...ever! And he never got paid...!

I met Korda in Havana back in 1993 and he told me the story behind the image. It is all about power, politics and money.

You can read it here.